What is Augmented Reality?

Everything You Wanted to Know Featuring Exclusive Interviews With the Leaders of the AR Industry

What's Included

Overview of the AR Industry and Technology

At the start of the book, learn what is Augmented Reality, the history, and where the industry is going.

Exclusive Interviews

Read what the experts have to say about the state of the technology, the positive and negative implications of AR, how to get in the industry, and more.

Resources and more!

At the end of the book, find links and resources to communities, tutorials, Meetups, and more to help you learn more about the AR field

The Experts

Alfredo Ruiz

Augmented Reality Design Lead at IBM

Ákos Maróy

Founder and CEO at Aero Glass

Alex Chuang

Co-founder & CEO at Shape Immersive

Annie Eaton

CEO at Futurus

Alice Bonasio

VR Consultant and Editor-in-chief at techtrends.tech

Arjen Van Berkum

Chief Disruption Officer at Conclusion

Ashley Crowder

CEO and Co-Founder at VNTANA

BC Biermann

Associate Professor of Emerging Media at CAVAD

Carli Johnston

Co-founder & CXO, Virtual Method and Co-founder of Women In AR/VR, Australia

Chandra Devam

Co-founder and CEO of Aris MD

Cheryl Bayer

CEO of Living Popups

Chris Madsen

CEO at Digital Realities

Christina Heller

CEO at Metastage

Christine Perey

Board Member at AR for Enterprise Alliance

Dan Miller

VR / AR Evangelist at Unity Technologies

Dana Loberg

CEO at Leo AR

Daniel Burrus

Leading Global Futurist, NYTimes and Amazon Author of 7 best selling books and serial entrepreneur.

Daria Fedko

CEO at WeAR Studio

David Nedohin

Co-Founder & President at Scope AR

Elizabeth Bieniek

Director of Innovation at Cisco Collaboration

Erin Pangilinan

Author and Lead Co-Editor of O’Reilly Anthology Creating Augmented + Virtual Realities

Eva Gaspar

CEO at Abylight

Graham Roberts

Director of Immersive Platforms Storytelling at The New York Times

Iker Jamardo Zugaza

Tech Lead for WebXR at Google Daydream

Jan Pflueger

Founder advisXR & Coordination AR&VR Center of Competence, Audi AG

Jean-François Kitchiguine

AR Evangelist

Jon Cheney

CEO at Seek

Keith Curtin

VP Business Development at Zappar & Founder at SEE DIGITAL

Kristi Hansen Onkka

Founder at healthiAR

Luke Richey

CEO at Gravity Jack

Lynn Rosenthal

CEO & Founder at Periscape

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald

Global Head of Voice at Nodes Agency

Mark Sage

Executive Director of the AREA

Matan Libis

CEO at WakingApp Ltd

Matt Miesnieks

CEO at 6D.ai

Matt Ramirez

Senior Innovation Developer (Future Technologies) at Jisc

Michael Ludden

Principal Augmented Reality Advocate at Bose AR

Mike Boland

Founder & Chief Analyst at ARtillery Intelligence

Mike Levine

Founder & Creative Director at HappyGiant

Dr. Monica Burns

Founder, Curriculum & EdTech Consultant of Class Tech Tips, LLC

Morgane Santos

AR Engineer at Mapbox

Motti Kushnir

CEO at Infinity Augmented Reality, Inc.

Ori Inbar

Founder at Super Ventures and AWE

Orkun Oguz

CEO at Cy Vision

Patrick O'Shaughnessey

Founder and Chief Developer at Patched Reality

Raffaella Camera

Global Head, Innovation & Market Strategy at Accenture Extended Reality

Ralph Barbagallo

Founder at FLARB LLC

Ron Alpert

AR/VR Developer at MPC

Ron Padzensky

Author of The Definitive Guide to Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

Sam Huber

CEO & Founder of Admix.in

Sarah Hill

CEO & Chief Storyteller at StoryUpStudios

Scott McCormick

CEO Emergent Enterprise Consulting

Siciliana Trevino

Co-Chair at ARVRwomen and AR/VR Producer, Developer at Icebreakers

Spandana Govindgari

Cofounder at Hype AR Inc

Trevor Flowers

XR creator and CEO of Transmutable

Trevor Jones

Director at Creativtek Ltd

Vinny DaSilva

Developer Relations at Samsung NEXT, AR Cloud

Wolfgang Stelzle

CEO & Founder of RE'FLEKT

Yohan Baillot

Founder & CEO at ARCortex